Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Omnissiah's wrath!

Skitarii-Magos Reor strode down the boarding ramp of insect like Mechanicus lander, red light shining from the interior of its hold. As he reached to bottom he stopped, taking in the haunting silence of the city of Vogen at dusk. Scanning the immediate area he saw no outright threats and confirmed the correct coordinates of the proposed HQ site.
He screeched a binaric cant into the ships hold that was quickly replied to in kind. He stepped off the ramp to allow the maniple of light combat servitors to drearily walk into the small clearing. He canted another command to the maniple leader, who then relayed it to his charges. Within a few moments the servitors jerked out of their stupor and into motion and started moving with deadly intent, targeting optics and hardmount weapons surveying the surrounding buildings for any and all threats.
Under the cover of the LCSs, more utilitarian servitors and menials flowed out of the bowls of the ship to start setting up a makeshift operations HQ within one of the larger ruins.
Moments after the servitors and menials had cleared out, a member of the enigmatic Tersus Militia followed by a trio of Pilum class servo skulls strode down the ramp and approached Reor.

-Permission to scout locale Magos- The Tersus operator canted to Reor.
-Granted. Expect report of locale in 2728 seconds-  Reor replied.
-Compliance- canted the Tersus operator almost as an afterthought as it loped off into the ruins with its Pilums in tow.

Reor computed the likelihood of having trouble with the Tersus operator to be 76.38%, with the possibility of the Operator needing to be chastised within the  93.83 percentile. He did not relish the thought of that confrontation.
As Reor came back out of his reverie he realised a Tech Adept was emitting a binary “attention required” chant.
-Report adept- Canted Reor
-Magos, temporary HQ is fully functional, Hardwire defence servitors are operating within acceptable bounds, Communications with Omnissiah’s Oracle are within acceptable bounds. Request permission to return to Omnissiah’s Oracle for preparations of next drop- The adept quickly canted.
-Acceptable. Permission granted-
-Ominissiah be praised- The menial bowed, then made the sign of the cog with his unaugmented hands and retreated up the boarding ramp.

Moments later the insect like lander was boosting off back into the void…

Reor again gazed around the clearing, he could easily see the heat emissions of the LCS’s patrolling the area.

He called up his in-eye chron and noted the Tersus operator would still be another 978 seconds before being overdue. Realising this, he decided to look over the short term defences to make sure nothing was amiss….

So after that hideous wall of text I've actually managed to start building my army, obviously there will be mucho conversion work to be done, but hey, that's half the fun!

First off I give you a basic mock up of a LCS (Firewarrior), not particularly exciting, needs cables, parchment and optics added
Pew Pew
I figure servitors match a fire warriors stats well, as I imagine them being slow and not great at CC when they are shooters. To fluff away the reasoning behind them retreating under fire etc would be that the LCS are given larger decision making pathways to allow slightly better independent operations, this also would allow them a measure of self preservation to regroup and attack in larger numbers..

Next up with we have the Pilum class servo skull (Sniper Drone).

So this is the sniper drone, nothing really exciting about it, will need to add some more calbles dangling down and possibly some thrusters to allow it to support the extra weight of a sniper rifle.

Last but not least is Skitarii-Magos Reor (Battlesuit Commander). I thought the Thallax are an excellent proxy for a battle suit, they're a decent size, have thrusters all over them and on a 40mm base, bingo I thought!

So this guy has some servitor arms in the usual arm slot, with sort of armatures behind those, one with an onager gauntlet (can't see it) and a point one. He still needs a lot of neatening including all the cables as well as a hoot, some torn robes and parchment...

Any way I should be able to get the army build pretty quickly at the 250pt mark, It's like 1 Magos, 7 servitors, 3 Pilums and the Tersus operator to build, so quite manageable!!!

until next time.. 001011010010011101


  1. Very interesting blog. I'll be watching the campaign.

  2. Thanks man, currently the fellas are amassing their small armies, and we are due to kick off in a couple of weeks.