Monday, 9 December 2013

It begins!

It is 968.M41, war has befallen the agriworld of Khai-Zhan, the bitter struggle finally spilling into the streets of its capital of Vogen.

Thunderhawk gunships drop their lethal cargo of robed warriors onto rooftops.

The great devourer's swarms rush out of underground birthing pools.

The green menace thunders through the city's streets.

The Adeptus Soroitas try to hold onto the little holy ground left within the city.

The roar of bike engines and the tribal war cries of the White Scars fill the night.

The ever enigmatic Adeptus Mechanicus searches day and night for some unknown treasure.

The anguished screams as the depraved Dark Eldar capture yet another victim.

The constant corruption of Chaos has spread unchecked through the confines of this now damned city...

Oh yes, war eternal has come to Vogen!

After all that crap. Welcome to the Battle of Vogen. My self and my gaming group are starting up a campaign to help ease us into new armies. It will be an escalation league sort of thing, starting off with small manageable armies and point limits and eventually soaring into what we've all come to expect.

Also to make things more interesting we will be using an amalgamation of Codex: Cityfight and Cities of Death Rules to add a little bit of flair to our games. With the added benefit of using the awesomeness that is the old GW map of Vogen and its accompanied rules for certain areas which will hopefully ad some flavour to our battles...

Yes GW did love us once...

I will attempt to get our rules up later on, and in no time pictures will start appearing of our myriad group members work coming up...

So hopefully...eventually.... enjoy!

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