Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Campaign Form Guide

So, before we venture into the maelstrom that is our campaign for the city of Vogen, I thought I would take the opportunity to put together a form guide of our fearless generals.

Things that we must remember a few things about the campaign that will be taken into consideration.
  1. We are starting with a very small point total for our army lists (250pts)
  2. We will be playing on 4x4 boards with a bucket load of terrain  to represent the city environment.
Corey - Guardians of the Covenant (Dark Angels)
I rate my own chances for the campaign as pretty slim. In terms of the group, I am a very average gamer and this is compounded by the fact that I have hardly had a chance to play with my Dark Angels in the last 4 months. Early game will be about consolidating, building up spendable points and beefing up my total model count. My first army will only consist on 9 models so it will be important to get more bodies into the battles as soon as humanly possible. Will also struggle to deal with MCs or high T models. 15-1
Nicky - Adeptus Mechanicus (Tau)
Nicky is the best tactical gamer within our group. Known affectionately as the Cheesehound, Nicky has the ability to throw random units together and create a killer list. Early on, Nicky will be brought back to the pack with the limitations in list points making it even, but once he builds that total up, he will quickly become quite dominant... 3-1
Mitch - Dark Eldar
The speed and mobility of the DE will be an advantage in these tight city fights and those poison weapons are a massive bonus. Mitch is also a really crafty gamer when it comes to his tactics and can turn games with moves not expected. With access to some deadly combinations available to him, building points quickly will be a massive boost as it will provide his flimsy army with more bodies on the dance floor. 5-1
Matt - Orks
Early game model count will be Matt's advantage here. At 250pts he has the ability to field 30+ models as opposed to my 9. This will be amplified by the fact that the game boards will force everyone closer in. The terrain will give his Orks good cover to moved around unhindered and in force. If he can quickly establish a set of territories using this advantage, Matt could become a hard player to eliminate later in the game. 6-1
Stuart - Tyranids
Pretty much the same with Matt here for Stuart. Early doors he will be able to field many more models than most of us. On top of this, his ability to field a mumma bear who can spew out extra Termagants will make him tough to compete with early on. Upside, Stuart is such a strong gamer and can make a few mistakes that allow his opponents to pull him apart. 20-1
Daniel - Chaos
Nick's-I-mean-Daniel's army will be an interesting proposition...mostly due to the fact that it will require him to be ready/committed to playing. Long, long odds.
Justin - Sisters of Battle
Justin has built himself a sweet looking army over many painstaking months. Having had his first real test with his army at a recent tournament, Justin will have a better feel for his units. Does have the tendency to put together an army, play it, change it, play it, repeat. 7-1 
Rylie - White Scars
Bikers in a city setting are either going to be major amounts of win, or major amounts of sadness for Rylie. T5 is a massive bonus and with the sweet little bonuses that the White Scars chapter tactics provide make Rylie's biker army an imposing army to come up against, especially early on. 11-1

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