Monday, 9 December 2013

Gamer Profile: Corey - Guardians of the Covenant

Howdy folks!
Welcome to the blog for our up coming campaign based on the Battle for Vogen map GW produced a long time ago (when they were still promoting such sweet things).

My name is Corey and I will be contesting this campaign using a Dark Angels army based upon the Successor Chapter, The  Guardians of the Covenant. When we decided to run this campaign, it was designed to start off at a really small point total for two reasons:
1. It would better represent the growth from small scale skirmishes in the city setting to all out warfare
2. Many of us had decided to start new armies before the campaign, so it provided use with small, but achievable goals.

Today I am going to share my progress on my first unit. Now I can't stress this next point enough, but I am actually a really terrible painter. Before starting this army, I played Orks and my methodology was to paint as many as possible, as quickly as possible. As such, they looked fairly average.

I decide that seeing as we were going to pour our heart and soul into the campaign for many months, I should apply the same approach to my army. The bonus of the small army point limit is that because I am a slow painter, it gives me an achievable time frame to work with.

The first unit I decided to tackle was a box of Dark Angels Veterans that would function as my tactical marines. I used the Vets because of the robed bodies. I love the look of them and they are iconic to the Guardians of the Covenant.

Last night I spent time working on the torso and legs of these bad boys. The photos below are the end result of about 2 hours work.

The process I followed is set out below:
I undercoated the bodies using a Chaos Black spray substitute (Bunnings people!)
The armoured parts were painted in a three step process:
  1. Leadbelcher Base
  2. Nuln Oil Wash
  3. Ironbreaker dry brush
The robes required a four step process:
  1. 1-1 mixture of Rhinox Hide & Wazdakka Red, with small amounts of Sotek Green and Evil Sunz Scarlet added for a purple hue.
  2. Lighten the mixture with more Evil Sunz Scarlet and brush over lightly
  3. A copious amount of Carroburg Crimson wash was applied
  4. Add more ESS to the mixture and use to dry brush the raised sections of the robes for highlights.

    Pretty simple and easy, but I would say over all, it is a very effective  paint job thus far. Looking forward to seeing these guys contesting the city landscape against the might of the other armies.

    Thanks for reading!

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